Headline Templates

Free to share … with attribution, please.

Note. I use these headline templates every time I write copy. I have collected these based on what has worked for me in the past. They also come from other copywriters … based on what’s worked for them.

You can use these templates for …

Preheads/eyebrows Headlines (obviously!) Decks Subheads Email subject lines Captions Pull quotes Upsells Downsells TV/Radio And more

I hope you find these valuable and it’s my pleasure to share them with you.   Curiosity + Self -Interest = Compelling Appeal.

The John Caples approach. Also used by Gary Bencivenga and many other top copywriters.

The Empowerment Headline

Let’s … We’re going to help you solve this problem

Are you __ ?

Are you looking for the latest information about Internet Marketing from the most accomplished experts?

“How I ___

How I increased revenue 30 per cent in a week by learning from the best in the Internet Marketing field.

How to __

How to increase Internet Marketing revenue INSTANTLY.

Tie it to a benefit/offer

How to Land that Last 10 Pounds Once and For All

How to Land a Job in 7 Days. Guaranteed.

Secrets of ___

Secrets of the Internet Marketing millionaires now revealed in the Net Effect.

Thousands (hundreds, millions, etc.) now __, even though they __.

Thousands are increasing their sales by 20 per cent or more on the Internet even though they knew very little about Internet Marketing just a few months ago.

Warning: ___

Warning: Your ‘day job’ may be going way so NOW is the time to learn more about Internet Marketing.

Give me _ and I’ll _

Give us 30 minutes and Net Effect will give you the latest information about Internet Marketing in one easy-to-read location.

__ Ways to __

In the latest edition of Net Effect, discover 23 proven techniques to take your Internet business to the next level.


Could this be the most __ ?

Did You Know ___ ?

Some straight talk about __ ?

The Case Against _ ?

If you've got 20 minutes a month, I guarantee a thinner, healthier you.

Never make your claim bigger than your proof. And always join your claim and your proof at the hip in your headlines, so that you never trumpet one without the other.

If you’ve got 20 minutes a month, I guarantee to work a financial miracle in your life.


Do You Make These Mistakes …

When Doctors Have Headaches, What Do They Do?

Believe it or not, I’ve discovered an investment that’s safer than your bank and offers all these advantages.


The Benefit Headline

Kiss Foot Pain Goodbye in 20 Minutes!

The Offer Headline

Buy one banana…get two free!

The Discount Headline

Save 40% on Prime Rib but only for 48 hours…

The News Style Headline

New Laptops Selling for Just $299 but Only a Few Remain

The Bonus Headline

Free Shipping PLUS a Free Printer When You Purchase a New Laptop on Tuesday from Sam’s Computer Shack

The Testimonial Headline

“Subscribing to the Net Effect taught me seriously good techniques I use every day to generate additional revenue.”

Needs to include the benefit/offer. Out-credentialize them.

“Ray Writes. You Profit.”

Must be supported by the deck copy


Would you … Frank Kern

Would you like to get xxxx without xxxx (the pain)?

How to get xxxxx without xxxx (the pain)


The Give Me Headline

Give me 25 cents and I’ll give you a dollar

Give me 30 days and I’ll give you a washboard stomach

The Reason-Why Headline

7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Commodities Now…

The 3 Factors that Prevent You from Losing Weight and What You Can Do About Them

The Shocking Headline

82 year-old golfer hits the ball 40 yards further off the tee using the revolutionary and legal MAX CANNON driver. He was about to give up the game but now he’s pummeling the young guns.

Headlines with ‘Free’

FREE FISH AND CHIPS on Wednesday at Sir Ed’s Pub in Park Road Shopping Center.

And finally, the guarantee headline. Another one of my absolute favorite headlines on the planet. A couple of examples.

I guarantee my direct response copy will generate revenue exceeding the investment in my services or I will rewrite the copy for free. No questions asked.

Even though there’s absolutely no correlation between copywriting and pest control services, the guarantee headline and approach works superbly well in pest control.

A personal guarantee from Robert Jones, owner of Nuclear Cockroach Services.

If a cockroach appears in your home up to three months after we provide our special ‘Nuclear Deterrent’ service, we’ll provide the service again absolutely free. AND write you a check for $200.


You don’t need to make a decision today…try the product first then make your decision up to 30 days from now.

Upsell…something that complements the original benefit/offer…not something that duplicates it…


REVEALED … The xxxxxx