If We're a Good Fit then I Can Help You Improve Conversion... and Revenue...

As a direct response copywriter, my goal is to help you generate additional revenue and profit by improving conversion.

Using proven direct response copywriting techniques, I help companies improve conversion—often beating established controls.

My services are an excellent fit for many decision makers in the direct response business. However, I don’t claim to be everything to everyone. To see if we’re a good match, please read below.

We’re a good fit when you:

Want the highest level of direct response copywriting.

Are completely upfront about pricing and you run a totally ethical business.

Measure response and expect the copywriter to help you improve conversion.

Eagerly want to 'feed the testing beast.'

Understand that direct response copywriting is an investment.

Expect the copywriter to perform all the steps necessary to maximize response.

Are completely dedicated to direct marketing.

Can provide a clear, organized, and fact-filled creative brief—or point me toward the research.

Like to receive several different elements to test.

Have strong traffic and/or highly targeted lists.

LOVE direct response marketing.

Can provide me with enough time to complete a project—although I can provide ‘emergency’ service.

Have an adequate budget for top-level copywriting.

Expect the copywriter to meet deadlines.

Fully understand the demographic and psychographic of the potential client or customer.

Expect the copywriter to communicate, ask questions, and provide creative ideas.

Want the copywriter to take ample time to get the copy correct the first time.

You're looking for a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers.


We’re NOT a good fit when:

Your business model includes 'bait and switch' or similar tactics and techniques. I ONLY work with companies that take a totally transparent approach to offers and pricing. If you resort to 'small print' to hide the real pricing and obligations, please choose another copywriter.

You need branding copy. I can write this type of copy but I prefer to write copy that sells.

You expect top-level copywriting for a bargain price.

You don’t track response and don't expect the copy to sell a product or service directly.


If you believe we’re an excellent fit, please contact me here and let’s get started.


The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting.  This Certification has not been provided by an accredited education institution. It does not constitute endorsement of or liability for any individual copywriter by Mr. Kennedy or any companies or organizations affiliated with Mr. Kennedy. The client's relationship is solely with the individual copywriter retained via any agreement.