If You Want Your Content to Generate Leads and Revenue, Read On...

As the Internet continues to replace traditional media, a simple truth is emerging.

Companies that ignore content banish themselves to the wastelands of the Web. Companies that consistently create targeted and extremely valuable content will send more traffic to transactional pages where customers pull a credit card out of their wallet or call to enquire about doing business with you.

Very, very few companies are making the effort to create top quality content and this means there's a window of opportunity for businesses that invest in superb content. These companies will:

  1. Dominate organic search results.
  2. Turn more readers into buyers.
  3. Increase conversion.
  4. Keep readers on their website... longer.
  5. Keep readers from their competition.
  6. Enhance their brand.
  7. Build larger databases faster.

Content complements and augments the direct response copy you'll find on landing pages, squeeze pages, and product pages. For example, if the ‘free report’ on a squeeze page provides valuable information, opt-ins will increase. And when the content in the report delivers on the promise, then it will motivate more prospects to take the next step in the sales process.

Content directs readers to transactional pages where persuasion, using direct response copywriting, can take place.

The stronger the content, the higher the conversion.

In the direct marketing environment, content includes:

  • White papers
  • Special reports
  • Autoresponders
  • Email marketing
  • Digital and traditional newsletters
  • FAQ pages
  • Social media content
  • Blogs
  • Online articles
  • Case studies

Content is copy that's educating more than selling...but it MUST sell and motivate readers to buy.

Content educates. Content keeps people returning to your site. And research shows it can take up to seven visits before a website visitor buys or takes the next step in the sales process.

How to create compelling content that keeps readers reading…and buying

Content in today’s direct marketing environment combines direct marketing, imagination, accuracy, and education. While direct response copy is the salesperson, content is the professor providing a powerful lecture to a room of rapt students.

Seven keys to creating compelling and profitable content...

  1. Get into the soul of the prospects. What’s really important to them? Which problems can you solve?
  2. Be current…content tied to current events is fresh and exciting.
  3. Do the homework. Use quotes. Find the facts. Be specific.
  4. Orient the content for the scanner, the person who looks at the pictures, and the person who will read every word. Make it look like TIME or Sports Illustrated.
  5. Find stunning photos and avoid the temptation to use cheap stock photography.
  6. Tie the content to a strong call to action and a landing page so you measure results.
  7. Make sure the content complements the marketing strategy.

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Journalist + author + direct response copywriter = compelling content

In more than 28 years of copywriting, marketing, editing, writing, reporting, and publishing, I’ve created more than 7,000 pages of compelling content. I've made hundreds of thousands of magazines move off magazine racks PLUS I've persuaded readers to take the next step in the sales process.

So when you hire me to assess and create content, you get an author and copywriter with the proven ability to create content that readers will read AND you get a direct response copywriter with the proven ability to persuade readers to hand over an email address or take a credit card out of their pocket.

It’s a rare combination. And this combination of experience is currently producing measurable results for clients around the world.

Free Content Review

I provide a limited number of free content assessments every month. Contact me here to set up an appointment. I’ll review your content and provide a brief report. Or we can speak directly for a 20-minute ‘live’ review.

I will review your content and, if you need improvements, recommend changes. If you decide to upgrade your content I can help you create fresh and compelling content. 

The result? Visitors will be more likely to ‘stick’ to your site and buy the services and products you provide.

Either you’re with the king or you’re against the king…

You've heard it a million times... CONTENT IS KING...

You have a simple choice.

Ignore this truth and watch your website traffic decline…and your leads and revenue decrease…


Invest in compelling content…grow your database faster…increase conversion…generate qualified leads faster…enhance your reputation…buttress your brand…CREATE MORE REVENUE…

Contact me here now for the free content evaluation.

To your success,


Scott Martin
Direct Response Copywriter and Content Producer

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