Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about direct marketing, direct response, and my approach to copywriting. If you have a question not answered below, please contact me.


Q: Who are your dream clients?

A: I definitely work most successfully in the direct response and direct marketing environment. In 2004, I made a distinct and serious effort to go from being a ‘copywriter’ to a direct response copywriter. I’ve used direct response techniques myself to generate hundreds of thousands in revenue. So my best clients are direct marketers: they know they need a copywriter who can execute direct response techniques. I’ve developed long relationships with direct marketers.


Q: What’s in it for me as a direct marketing agency or a marketing department?

A: Confidence. You can be confident I’ll get the copy to you on time and it will be ready to go. Once it goes live, because I’ve used direct response copywriting techniques and because you’ve put all the other pieces in place, it should produce a good result.

So the major benefits...I’m going to save you time and make your life easier.


Q: What’s in it for me if I’m a graphic designer or someone with a one-time need for a landing page, website copy, or similar project?

A: Whether you’re a fan of direct response copy or a total ‘newbie’ I write copy to help you get a response. I can also provide some direct response direction so you get a better response.


Q: What’s in it for me as a creative director or marketing decision maker in the corporate environment?

A: You get an experienced professional who can meet your branding requirements and also write copy that generates a positive result, making everyone look good.


Q: What’s your #1 goal?

A: Write copy to get the reader to take the ‘next step’ in the sales and marketing process... calling a toll-free number... filling out a form... downloading a PDF... sending an email... buying something right away...


Q: What have you also found is important to clients?

A: Several years ago, what I thought was important to clients was not really important. I’ve learned what’s actually important to clients. I think everyone in business spends their entire business life learning more about their customers and what they really want.

The #1 most important thing to my clients is getting ‘real’ direct response copy that produces results. Like everyone else, the client wants ease...the brief leaves their desktop, gets to me, then I email back the copy and it’s ready to go.


Q: What else is important?

A: When a client sends a creative brief, they want to receive the copy on the deadline and they want to read through the copy and go, “the copy reads great...I can send this to the client for approval, tweak it, get the copy into production, and start selling.”

What I’ve also found is important to clients...
  • A broad general business knowledge so I can put myself in the shoes of a potential customer/client quickly.
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • The ability to ‘turn up’ or ‘turn down’ the volume depending on the product and the prospect.
  • Solving problems, not creating them.
  • Homework...the research before any writing takes place.
  • Being professional with clients...for example...if I schedule a call at three in the afternoon, I call at precisely 3:00 p.m.


Q: Why do you like direct response so much?

A: Direct marketing helps business owners become successful. I find stories about business success to be extremely inspiring. I want business owners to be hugely successful...especially the ones I help. Direct marketing, when executed precisely, can help all business owners.


Q: Your writing background includes a lot of work outside advertising and marketing. How does that help me...a direct marketer?

A: Concurrent with my copywriting, I’ve been a niche magazine publisher and I’ve written or edited 17 books. It’s around 7,000 pages of magazine content and over 1.75 million words in those books.

As a client, you can be confident the writing will be excellent: I’ve written so much it’s second nature. Having been a magazine publisher, I can put myself in the shoes of a small business owner...a potential client...I’ve been there.

And I know how to take a lot of information and distill it quickly into salient copy. For several years I was a regular freelancer for The Charlotte Business Journal, part of the American City Business Journal chain. This experience was invaluable because I had to learn about so many different week it was energy...the next it was real estate...then it was professional sports...or golf. I can quickly understand a business model: understanding how the client is making money or wants to make money is the first step to revenue-producing direct response copy.


Q: Can you work with clients anywhere?

A: Absolutely. I live in the United States and have clients around the world. A client doesn’t care where I live. They simply want their copy and they want it to produce results.


Q: What’s the biggest problem you solve?

A: I solve a lot of problems in the marketing process but the biggest one I solve hasn’t changed...moving a project forward. I hear it time and time again: “We’re stuck because we don’t have the copy.”


Q: What do you charge for direct response copy?

A: For specific projects like websites, landing pages, and advertorials, I provide a quote based on what you want to achieve. Some projects include a reduced upfront fee in return for the opportunity to earn a royalty based on the increase in revenue. I'm not the most expensive copywriter but my fees, based on results I have achieved for other clients, are in the top 1/3 of copywriters. Contact me for a quote.


Q: What are your terms and conditions?

A: Half the payment is due when the project starts. The remainder is due upon project completion or an agreed to date... whichever comes first. The project completion date is typically a month after the project start date. For agencies and companies who need regular contract work, payment is usually due weekly or every 14 days.



Q: Do I get the copyright (rights) to the copywriting?

A: Yes. When the invoice has been paid, you own the copyright.


Q: What’s the best way to reach you?

A: Whichever is easiest for you. Call +1 (704) 517-0241 or fill out this form. Skype: ScottMartin22.


Q: What’s your typical turnaround time?

A: I get best results when I have 10-14 calendar days. I can often turn copy around in a shorter time frame. Contact me here so I can learn more about your project.


Q: Does it always work out with clients?

A: Not always. I work really well with clients who understand and want direct response copywriting. My best clients...
  • Understand and execute direct response techniques and strategies
  • Provide clear creative briefs
  • Provide clear feedback
  • Measure results
I have problems with clients who provide very little direction, are not really direct marketers, and who say (directly or indirectly), “I don’t really know what I want right now but I’ll let you know when I see it.” This usually ends in tears.


Q: Who are your favorite direct response copywriters?

A: Any copywriter who generates results. I’ve read a lot of books and articles by Herschell Gordon Lewis, Dan Kennedy, Andrew Wood, Bob Bly, and others. I admire Clayton Makepeace, Gary Bencivenga, David Ogilvy, and John Caples.


Q: Do you train direct response copywriters?

A: I can provide direct instruction. I also have a series of training videos to help copywriters learn to write powerful copy. Click here to discover more.


Q: Where can I see samples of your work?

A: Go to my portfolio section here.


Q: Do you enter into joint venture and revenue-sharing deals?

A: I’m wide open to joint ventures and royalty deals. Contact me to discuss your ideas.


Q: Do you recommend a website platform?

A: Yes. I use and totally recommend Squarespace.


If there’s a question you need answered that’s not above, contact me here now.