How to Join the 'Elite' in Your Field...

And join the 20% who get 80% of the business...


In the early 1990s, The Charlotte Business Journal, in my adopted home town, started to publish one article every week about sales—written by a little-known sales consultant. After a year, the editors decided to cancel the articles. There were howls of protest from subscribers. So the magazine reinstated the articles.

There was nothing special about the author—he was a sales consultant who simply regurgitated, sorry, repurposed, the same article over and over. But instead of writing, "The 10 Best Ways to Close a Sale" he would write, "The 13.5 Best Ways to Close a Sale." And the writing had some flair.

These simple articles soon appeared in all The Business Journals around the country—and the author got a book deal that led to several other book deals...and lucrative speaking engagements.

The writer doesn't know anything more about selling than 90% of good sales people.

BUT...he got published. And built an empire.

You're Now an Expert Who Commands Bigger Fees

The business world is full of experts and accomplished professionals who never really reach their full potential. One reason—they don't have a book or portfolio of published articles.

When you send a prospect some links to articles you've published in respected publications, your standing goes up. And if you send them a're a true expert.

I've helped several business people set themselves apart from the crowd by helping them with articles and books.

  • You don't have to be a writer.
  • You don't have to spend two years working on the book.
  • You may already have much of the material in blogs, speeches, and notes.
  • And publishing is easier than ever with ebooks and the latest print-on-demand technologies.

I can also help you place articles in magazines, newspapers, and online publications: I know what editors are looking for...I ran three magazines.

A book is one of the best investments you'll make in your career. If a book is not in your budget, blogs and articles can still set you up as an expert in your field. Ghostwriting fees for books start at $9,000 and fees for articles and blogs start at $50.

When you're ready to establish yourself as an expert—and reap the financial rewards—then get published. The first step is contacting me. Just click on the link below and enter your name, email address, and tell me a little about your publishing goals.

Please contact me here. I'm excited to hear about your publishing dreams.