If You're Looking for a Golf Copywriter to Write Revenue Generating Copy, I Can Help...


I combine 15 years of golf writing experience with direct response copywriting techniques to help you generate leads and revenue.


"Scott Martin is a talented and dependable writer. He enjoys golf and has a passion for direct marketing." Jim McLean, Founder and President, Jim McLean Golf School, Miami, Florida.


Dear Golf Marketer:

If you're a golf marketing decision maker and you're serious about increasing your revenue, it's important you take 5 minutes to read this web page.

Here's something I've discovered about golf marketing...the most successful marketers in golf subtly marry great golf writing with proven direct response techniques to maximize response and revenue.

As a direct response copywriter, I'm a little different from a 'branding' copywriter who is trying to get golfers to feel a certain way about your product or service. No...I'm here to help you SELL that product or service. My goal is to persuade the reader to:

Buy what you sell on the spot by pulling their credit card out of their wallet...


Provide their email address and other important information.

In other words, my copy directly requests a response from the reader. Again...I'm not here to create award-winning advertising that looks good but does nothing to help the bottom line. I'm here to help you make more money.

And I make myself fully accountable. I WANT you to measure the results of my copy and provide me with feedback so I can improve the copy and generate even greater response.

Yes...I Wrote a Book About Caddyshack...And This Will Help Your Bottom Line

That's right...I wrote a book about Caddyshack which is available on Amazon and other fine retailers. I've written or worked on 8 golf books as an author or editor and I've published hundreds of golf articles in national and regional magazines including Golfweek, Executive Golfer, and the Charlotte Business Journal.

I play the game and I was once a 5 handicap and shot 76 with 5 clubs on a tricky course in Scotland in a tournament. (For the record, the clubs I chose were driver, 7 wood, 7 iron, 56 degree wedge, and putter.)

My golf portfolio includes:

  • Over 100 golf websites. Click here for a recent course.
  • The Insiders' Guide to Golf in the Carolinas (Book).
  • Shouting at Amen Corner with Ron Green, Sr. (Book/compilation about The Masters).
  • The Book of Caddyshack: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greatest Movie Ever Made.
  • The Golf Bag Book.
  • The Intelligent Golfer (Book).
  • Small Business Success (book with Jim McLean).
  • Rock Solid Golf with Dana Rader (Book).
  • Jim McLean's blog.
  • Well over 1,000 pages of articles for national, regional, and local magazines including Golfweek and Executive Golfer. I was formerly a member of the Golf Digest golf course rating panel.

I speak the language of golf and I understand what golfers really want. The result: the copy I write will resonate with your target audience and they will buy more of what you sell.

You know when there's an 'alien writer' in our midst...a writer who is NOT a golfer writing about the game. The copy is full of words and phrases no golfer would use.

Golf copy written by a non-golfer confuses readers and will decrease sales.

The Golf World is Full of Golf Writers...Here's Why You Should Ignore Them All...If You Want to Sell More

If you visit the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and you head up the escalators to the media room, you'll find about 400 golf writers from around the world. And many of them have won prestigious golf awards and can write elegantly about golf courses, golfers, and equipment. Most are tremendous writers and I admire their work...


Only a very few golf writers fully understand how to write to SELL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

As a direct response copywriter working for clients around the world, my job is to persuade the reader to take the next step in the sales process. When I write copy for you, I will write to persuade the reader to buy your product or service or, at the very least, provide a lead that's ready to buy.

So...let me ask you a couple of quick questions.

Question 1: Do you want people to feel good about your product?


Question 2: Do you want them to feel good about your product AND make a purchase?

If it's the latter, then contact me here right now.

I Provide Direct Response Golf Copy for...

  • Long form copy (web and direct mail)
  • SEO copy that reads like English
  • Full websites
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Ebooks
  • Special reports
  • Blogs
  • Ghostwriting for books and articles
  • Brochures
  • Print advertising

Contact me here for additional samples and a quote. Call me at 704-517-0241 or I'm on Skype: ScottMartin22.

"Unlike most copywriters, Scott has a great understanding of direct response copy. The kind that actually makes you money instead of merely filling the page with prose! That's why we use him again and again." Andrew Wood. Legendary Marketing, Lecanto, Florida.

For specific information about my direct response copywriting, please go here.

See My Revenue Generating Golf Copy Here

Here are some recent examples of revenue generating golf copy.

Innovative wedges.

Email marketing.

Contact me here for additional samples and a quote. Call me at 704-517-0241 or I'm on Skype: ScottMartin22.

You Have a Simple Choice...

If you need golf copy written by a golf copywriter, you can hire one of about 1,000 professional writers with golf experience.


You can hire a golf copywriter who will write golf specific copy AND help you sell your product or service through the perfect combination of golf copywriting and direct response copywriting.

Contact me here for additional samples and a quote. Call me at 704-517-0241 or I'm on Skype: ScottMartin22.

I look forward to helping you generate leads and revenue.

To your success,


Scott Martin
Golf Copywriter
Direct Response Copywriter

P.S.In today's digital marketing environment, where the cost of traffic is skyrocketing, it's even more important to find a golf copywriter who can establish a solid control then increase conversion. Here's a recent email from a client:

Hey Scott,
So the new copy seems to be performing very solid. The CTR is comparable to our normal article (18%) but conversions seem to be trending noticeably higher. It’s a new approach and it seems to be resonating well.

Contact me here for additional samples and a quote. Call me at 704-517-0241 or I'm on Skype: ScottMartin22.

You can also visit my golf-specific site for a golf copywriter.


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