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These testimonials/references are from direct marketing professionals. If you need additional references, contact me here.

When I look at the most important traits that have been evident with every great copywriter I have ever met and worked with, the two which are most critical to be present in all they do are "curiosity" and "passion." Scott Martin has both of these key components in abundance ... and they show up all the time when he dives deep for any client he has ever worked with. And as a key member of my mastermind group for top level direct response marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs, his curiosity and passion are always on display through the questions he asks ... and the advice he gives based on his experience working with many of the world's top direct marketing companies.
— Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing LLC

Scott Martin is a rare find—a copywriter who understands how to motivate customers to call or get out their credit cards and buy! He has a genuine enthusiasm for great copy, is fun to work with, hits his deadlines on time, but most of all—he gets results! We look forward to a long working relationship.
— Will Swayne, Founder, Marketing Results.

Scott Martin is a joy to work with... super responsive, humble, professional and courteous.
— Ryan Markish, Director of Copy, The Palm Beach Letter.

Unlike most copywriters, Scott has a great understanding of direct response copy. The kind that actually makes you money instead of merely filling the page with prose! That's why we use him again and again.
— Andrew Wood, President, Legendary Marketing, Lecanto, Florida, USA.

Scott has written copy for three websites and each has been exceptional. If you want web or other copy that actually helps you sell, then don’t settle for fluff, hire the best... a direct response copywriter who knows how to use the techniques.
— Dermot Dalton, Dalton Consulting, Dublin, Ireland.

Scott knows how to tap the power of direct response marketing. As a small business owner, I am very interested in marketing and have studied different types of marketing for years. After going to his marketing boot camp I became aware of some new, cutting edge marketing techniques that are helping us increase our revenue and attract new clients. Scott is also an exceptionally good copywriter. He churned out the copy for our new website at blazing fast speed and it's pure direct response copy. Now our website will help us attract the patients we can help the most! Unlike other copywriters I have worked with that took weeks or months to get things right, Scott was able to do it in a couple of days.
— Dr. Christian Yaste, DDS, Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

The best thing about working with Scott is he turns around good work FAST! Over the years I have known him, he has always written interesting copy and he has successfully married that to the proven direct response principles we practice at Legendary Marketing.
— Kevin Strom, previously Executive Vice President, Cunningly Clever Marketing, Crystal River, Florida.

Scott Martin is a talented and dependable writer. He enjoys golf and has a passion for direct marketing.
— Jim McLean, Founder and President, Jim McLean Golf School, Miami, Florida.

We think that the way you filter out the 'fluff' and make the copy clear and easy for people to understand is ideal for our products.
— Direct Marketing company, Liverpool, UK

I was impressed with Scott’s commitment to our project – every deadline was met, every email and phone call was returned.  He provided multiple ideas and solutions and went above what I expected. I feel like that level of accountability is hard to find these days.
— International Direct Marketing company, Baltimore, Maryland.

My go-to trusted direct response copywriter ... I've worked with Scott on many, many projects for over 4 years now – and I am not only continually impressed with his writing, but his ability to understand and sell such differing businesses. Scott's willingness to get the job done right and on time has always meant he is my go-to trusted copywriter. He is the only copywriter I have worked with who will jump on a call at midnight to discuss a landing page! He writes in pure direct response style and he genuinely knows how to write to sell. Scott is dedicated to every project with the right turnarounds, excellent responsiveness, and a commitment to get things right for the client. Most of all, he has a great sense of humor and will not let you down.
— Sophie Paulin, Account Executive, Brisbane, Australia.


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