My Answer to the Question, "What do you charge?"

Before we get into this page, let me quote Brian Kurtz, former executive vice president of Boardroom, one of the most successful direct marketers on the planet.

"Never be a cheapskate with copy and creative … it’s just not the place to cut costs … it’s the place to invest in world-class resources. Don’t leave this make-or-break area of your business to amateurs."

First things first ... if you look at my fees as a cost, I'm always going to seem expensive. If you look at my fees as an investment, then you're getting an excellent value.

In the past 6 years, my copy has helped my clients generate well over $400 million in revenue. One client has built two of the biggest successes in the ultra-competitive dietary supplements market. Another client was acquired by The Golf Channel, a division of NBC Universal. I helped this client generate close to $200 million through 350 promotions. Another client generated more than $1.5 million a month for a $19 ebook.

My fees may, at first, will seem significant ... and they are ... I explain why below. But my fees are a TINY FRACTION of the revenue generated. I base my fees on helping you achieve the success you want to achieve.

Some potential clients find my fees reasonable. Others find them low when compared to other direct response copywriters … while some get “sticker shock” and never talk to me again. I don’t know where you will be after seeing a quote but … here are some important considerations.

  1. I base my fees on providing you with the highest level of direct response copywriting to help you maximize your response and revenue. I write quickly to help you generate revenue faster but I do not cut corners.
  2. My service is a premium service based on going through all the steps necessary to help you succeed. My services are priced accordingly.
  3. My direct response copy has helped my clients generate over $400 million in the last 6 years. I cannot, due to NDAs, disclose what these clients have paid me but, suffice to say, it’s a tiny fraction of the revenue. For one client, fees amount to .0023% of revenue generated. That's a great deal for the client.
  4. Look at what you believe the copy will generate for you and consider the potential return on the investment when you see my fees.
  5. My fees are not the lowest and they are in the top 20% of direct response copywriters.
  6. The number of direct response copywriters who can actually convert readers, viewers, and listeners into buyers is extremely low … around 600 in the world and 300 of them work for one company. I’m actively speaking with potential clients every week.
  7. If the fee is significantly above what you are willing/able to pay, I wish you the best on your direct marketing journey.
  8. If you’re ready to move forward, I look forward to working with you.
  9. I quote each project individually based on your creative brief and/or a phone conversation.
  10. As part of my fee, I will look closely at your pricing structure. My copy will help you charge higher fees. This element of my service usually more than justifies the investment in my services.

To maximize conversion, I need to spend significant time working on your copy. I need to complete a thorough research process (40% of the project time) then I need to spend ample time writing and revising. And that's before you see the copy and recommend tweaks and changes. I like to produce at least two different versions of the copy to test. Once the copy is live and we discover which version is producing the best results, additional versions should be tested based on the winner. I try to beat my own controls.

Yes ... it's a long process but it will ultimately yield the highest possible conversion and generate the most revenue.

I base my fees on three pricing models. ONE. A straight fee for the project. TWO. A fee for the project plus a percentage of the increase in revenue. THREE. A monthly retainer for companies with ongoing work. This retainer may also incorporate a royalty based on the increase in revenue. Most direct response copywriters work using one of these models. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ... I base my fees based on the financial model and the needs of my clients.

IMPORTANT: If you're looking for the lowest possible price, please do not contact me. I recommend you go to a 'commodity' site.

When you see my fee as an investment, you'll be delighted. You bring the traffic and the offer. I'll bring the conversion and the revenue.

Please go here for a quote or call 704-517-0241. Skype: ScottMartin22.