I have only one goal ... help you sell your products and/or services so you maximize your revenue.

I'm ACCOUNTABLE ... and write copy that produces revenue for my clients. I'm not a "branding" copywriter trying to make people "feel" a certain way about a brand.

No ... I want the reader to feel moved to dip into their pocket or purse, pull out a credit card, and buy what I'm selling.

“Unlike most copywriters, Scott has a great understanding of direct response copy. The kind that actually makes you money instead of merely filling the page with prose! That’s why we use him again and again.” Andrew Wood, founder and president, Legendary Marketing.

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Contact me and I'll be happy to provide details of actual results.

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I've been writing copy for 30 years. My career has taken a couple of detours into niche magazine publishing, sales, corporate communications, and newspaper management. I've also written or worked on 16 books including The Book of Caddyshack: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greatest Movie Ever Made. I'm currently working on two books about direct response copywriting.

But I've always written copy. In 2002, I decided to focus entirely on direct response copywriting. Since then, I've helped companies around the world sell MILLIONS in products and services.

Bio stuff...I was born in the United States, then quickly moved to Canada then England. So 7 to 23, I was a full-time London resident.

I was educated at St. John’s School in Northwood then Harrow School. I won a John Motley Morehead Scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a BA in English and Comparative Literature.

My first copywriting gig was with a company in Denver, Colorado. Then I joined Ivey’s Department Stores (now Dillard’s) in Charlotte, North Carolina as a print copywriter. I lived and worked in Charlotte for 27 years until relocating to Aspen, Colorado in May, 2016. This makes me an Aspen Copywriter. Right?

I’ve enjoyed a career in sales, niche publishing, and copywriting ... successfully implementing direct response techniques in all three areas.

I’ve written direct response copy for clients in several fields and in 11 countries on four continents.

My portfolio includes 16 books as an author or editor, more than 10,000 pages of magazine and online content plus hundreds of articles for local, regional, and national publications including Golfweek and American City Business Journals.

I’m now a full-time direct response copywriter, helping clients around the world generate revenue and leads.

I'm also a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers.

I specialize in the precise and creative execution of proven direct response copywriting techniques to motivate the reader take a credit card out of their wallet or purse, write a check, plus enthusiastically provide their email address and additional valuable information.

My bookshelves are packed with books about direct response copywriting and direct marketing. I have also taken instruction from Herschell Gordon Lewis, David Deutsch, and Parris Lampropoulos. I've attended the Dan Kennedy Info-Marketing Conference and numerous copywriting seminars including the AWAI Bootcamp. I was also a member of the Titans Mastermind Group organized by Brian Kurtz. To see a review of direct response marketing books, click here.

In my spare time, I enjoy golf, skiing, reading about direct marketing, and asking branding copywriters about ROI. I’ve also been a volunteer soccer coach for the YMCA and Charlotte United Soccer Club. I'm a part-time professional ski instructor with the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen and Snowmass.

To contact me, call/text (704) 517-0241 or go here. Skype: ScottMartin22.

Scott Martin is a rare find - a copywriter who understands how to motivate customers to call or get out their credit cards and buy! He has a genuine enthusiasm for great copy, is fun to work with, hits deadlines on time, but most of all - he gets results!” Will Swayne, Founder, Marketing Results, Brisbane, Australia.

Direct Response Copywriting services I provide include:

  • Sales letters
  • Web copywriting
  • Writing copy
  • Direct response
  • Copywriting for the Web
  • Web content writing
  • Website content writing
  • Online copywriting
  • Copywriting service
  • Direct response marketing
  • Copywriting for advertising
  • Advertising copywriting 

I am also a(n):

  • Advertising writer
  • Web copywriter
  • Freelance writer
  • Online copywriter
  • Copywriter advertising 


The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting. This Certification has not been provided by an accredited education institution.  It does not constitute endorsement of or liability for any individual copywriter by Mr. Kennedy or any companies or organizations affiliated with Mr. Kennedy. The client's relationship is solely with the individual copywriter retained via any agreement.