How I Write Direct Response Copy that Generates Revenue and Leads...

It Requires Versatility...Discover More Now About My Approach to Writing High-Converting Copy

As an experienced direct marketer, you have a sense of the type of direct response copy that reliably generates income for you. It’s your control.

My first step is to look closely at your control copy so I can emulate that copy. This requires versatility and explains why you’ll see a variety of copy in my portfolio. It’s what the client asks for…because it works for them. However, it’s ALL direct response copy.

Once I understand your copy strategy, I follow these steps:

  1. Thorough and complete research of the product and the target market.
  2. Based on the research, I write an outline for the copy that includes headlines and themes.
  3. We work on refining the outline and headlines.
  4. Once the outline is approved, I write the copy.
  5. We review the copy and make any changes.
  6. The copy goes live and we make changes based on testing data.

To attempt to beat a control, many clients ask me to write a completely fresh version of the copy that takes a completely different approach. This “B” version typically has a 1 in 5 chance of beating a version of the copy that’s based on the control; chances improve when the the control is starting to fail.