How I Write Direct Response Copy that Generates Revenue and Leads ... My Direct Response Copywriting Methodology

Here's The Plan I Follow to Help You Generate Revenue ... It's the Plan That's Helped to Generate Over $400 million in Revenue in the Last 5 Years for My Clients.

Many potential clients ask me about my methodology. Here it is.

My first step is to understand your goals. Then I want to understand your current strategy with a special focus on your RFM data.

Then I follow these steps ...

  1. Thorough and complete research of the product and the target market. I start with my proprietary checklist.
  2. I find and gather proof elements.
  3. I research the competition.
  4. I write the copy.
  5. We review the copy and make any changes.
  6. The copy goes live and we make changes based on testing data.

I have developed and created this methodology based on actual results I've achieved for my clients.