Do You Want to Be

Extremely Successful?

If the answer is yes, then take a minute to read this important will have a major impact on the success of your business.

Dear Business Owner/Marketing Decision Maker:

If you want to sell a product or service successfully, one proven method is to do precisely what successful people in your industry have done.

What you’ll quickly discover:

The most successful business people bend over backwards to find, hire, and keep the highest quality salespeople.

Several years ago, I worked for a multi-millionaire real estate mogul. He had six salespeople to help him sell commercial real estate and lease office space. He treated those salespeople like royalty. Here’s what they got if they reached their sales goals:

  • A new Cadillac (worth $40,000)
  • Well over $100,000 in base compensation (in the mid-1990s)
  • Full benefits
  • The opportunity to earn unlimited income (one guy earned well over $1 million in a year)
  • Vacation incentives for reaching additional goals
  • Full office support staff

So…while the ‘rest of us’ toiled away for about $15 an hour in the office, the sales people were TONNING it.

Why? The multi-millionaire business owner understood that his success depended on the success of his sales associates.

It’s a pretty simple equation: great salesmanship = money.

How NOT To Succeed

A few years later, I worked for a newspaper company that treated its advertising salespeople like dirt.

The executives were constantly finding ways to limit the income of the salespeople. A gaggle of middle managers arrived at work every day with the singular goal of creating problems for their sales reps.

As a direct result, salespeople were always in a bad mood and there was constant turnover.

When daily newspapers had a monopoly, they could get away with poor sales management. Then everything changed and their business is down 75% in part because of the way they treated their salespeople.

Meanwhile the multi-millionaire real estate mogul has been building massive office buildings in the middle of a recession and he’s filling them with tenants.

Do you want to be like the multi-millionaire or the newspaper company?

If you want to be like the multi-millionaire, then I have a simple request.

DO NOT think of me as a writer.

Instead, think of me as the least expensive and most impactful salesperson you will ever hire.

I’m not a writer. I’m a salesperson.

My job is to persuade the people who read your emails, who visit your website, and who open your mail to BUY what you sell.

This requires 90% salesmanship and 10% writing.

As a direct response copywriter, my copy is simply a sales conversation between the seller (you) and the buyer (your potential client or customer). Most of the time, I imagine myself sitting down in someone’s living room or their office and persuading them to sign a contract.

I use classic sales techniques:

  • Find out the customer’s problems
  • Detail the benefits
  • Use motivators like fear and greed
  • Be upbeat and enthusiastic
  • Be logical
  • Overcome objections
  • Overcome price resistance
  • Provide a guarantee so there’s no initial risk

I learned these techniques not through writing but by being a salesperson. That’s right—I’ve been an actual real live salesperson.

I’ve sold advertising. I’ve sold publishing services. I’ve sold backpacks and boots. And I’ve sold my copywriting services, building a thriving practice with clients around the world.

When I was in college, my father said I should be in sales. And I took his advice. And I love selling. Yes—I enjoy writing but I get a much bigger thrill when a client improves conversion and tells me that revenue has increased significantly—due to my copywriting. That’s the result of sales and selling—not writing.

For many clients, I am their salesperson. And these clients understand the importance of finding, keeping, and hiring outstanding salespeople who can produce.

And these clients measure ROI…and keep hiring me.

How I Can SAVE You Hundreds of Thousands

For some clients, my copy saves them from having to hire a telephone sales representative—that’s because my copy can persuade a potential customer to pull their credit card out of their wallet without going through another sales step.

For some clients, my copy makes life a lot easier for their ‘live’ salespeople because my copy improves the quality of leads. My copy can also keep the ‘tire kickers’ away. As a result of my copy, sales people become much more effective and never waste time with people who cannot or will not buy.

For some clients, my copy means their clients are ready to buy when they visit their place of business—like a restaurant or store.

How I Can MAKE You Hundreds of Thousands

What’s the lifetime value of a client or customer? Whether it’s $1,400 or $140,000 then you need to maximize the number of new clients and customers. My copy persuades readers to choose your products and services and become a lifetime customer.

My copy can persuade current customers to buy more—and more often.

When you have new products and services, I can persuade current clients and customers to buy…thus increasing your revenue and ROI.

Let’s dig into the numbers...there's big profit to be made

Let’s say you have a $1,000 product you want to sell online. You decide to save money by paying a copywriter $100. The copy from the $100 copywriter helps you make THREE sales. But when you pay a copywriter $5,000 to write the copy, you sell 20 products.

The $100 copywriter got you $3,000 and the net revenue was $2,900.

The $5,000 copywriter brought you $20,000 and the net revenue was $15,000.

Do you understand why ambitious business owners and decision makers hire great salespeople?

If you hire cheap, poorly qualified salespeople, you’ll save some money upfront but your revenue will peter out.

What Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Say about Salespeople

When we consult with larger companies, we always go right to the salesforce to look for easy ways of increasing business…You must know HOW to hire better than any of your competitors. HOW to be more effective at getting the best candidates…

Compare Me to A ‘Live’ Salesperson and I’m the Biggest Bargain on the Face of Planet Earth

If you compare my pricing to what another writer might charge, I may seem expensive. But is that writer a salesperson? Is that writer A TRUE direct response copywriter with the PROVEN ability to improve conversion—and thus revenue? Before you hire a ‘cheap’ copywriter, ask to see actual results. Contact me here and I’ll send you mine.

But compare me to a salesperson and my fees are a fraction of the cost of full-time salespeople.

A telephone sales person will cost you $24-$48K.

A live salesperson will cost you $45-$145K.


  • You won’t have to pay me benefits
  • I won’t call in sick
  • I won’t demand extra vacation time
  • I don’t take vacations…my copy is working for you 24/7/365
  • You won’t have to rent office space for me
  • Etc. Etc… 

In many cases, my copy will mean you won’t have to hire a salesperson—or you could hire one less salesperson.

I’m Going to Provide You With the Highest Level of Copywriting Service

I will aim to maximize conversion and sales by:

  • Taking ample time to research your customers and their needs.
  • Hitting deadlines so you get your products and services to market faster.
  • Flawlessly executing direct response copywriting techniques that are PROVEN to turn readers into buyers.
  • Making your life easy by being accessible and providing first-class service.
  • Providing different versions of copy so you can split test and use multivariate you find the most effective copy.

I’ll Put My Money Where my Copy Is

As a professional salesperson, I’m happy to be compensated based on a percentage of sales—especially if you have a large database of current and prospective clients and customers. Contact me here if you want to pursue a royalty deal or joint venture.

My Guarantee

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with the copy I write, I will rewrite it for free. No questions asked.

You Have a Simple—and Potentially Profitable—Choice

You can view copywriting as a commodity and you can choose the lowest cost direct response copywriter…and watch your sales suffer…


You can hire me to write your copy and gain a team member who can help you sell your products and services to current customers…and people you want to become customers…

...for a FRACTION of the cost of a live salesperson.

I’m confident you’ll make the right choice and trust this VITAL sales work to a proven direct response copywriter.

To YOUR success…


Scott Martin

Direct Response Copywriter—and Sales Specialist


P.S. Let me leave you with a quote from one of the most successful information marketers on the planet...Perry Marshall.

"If your words sell, you're liberated. If they don't, you're stuck doing manual labor." Perry Marshall.

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