New copywriting site live

About 10 months ago, David Brooks reorganized my copywriting site and he did a great job. I've added to my portfolio and made some changes to my copywriting services so I reorganized my direct response copywriting site.

The new site is here.

Still some tweaking required but I'm happy with it.

Of course, what I think is mostly irrelevant! Will it help me achieve what a website MUST achieve? The site follows as many of the rules of direct marketing as applied to websites.

I've written, in this blog among other spots, that if you put a group of the best direct marketers in a room and ask them to critique each other's work, the marketers will implement the recommended changes. Every serious direct marketer is constantly striving to get more response.

Take a look at my site and if you have tweaks you think you I should make, contact me and, for your time, I'll send you a new special report I just published...Eight Ways to Keep Visitors Glued to Your Website.