Secrets of getting a dentist to smile

I've been working on the new copy for the new website for Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, which is owned by Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joseph Hufanda. Dr. Yaste handles the marketing and he's a direct response fanatic, which makes him a dream client for a direct response copywriter.

First things first...their current site has white type reversed out on a plum background. They are changing that to black on a white background so that it's much more readable. Excellent move.

Scott Martin--writing copy for websites and making dentists smile from ear to ear.

The new headlines and the new body copy are direct response--straight out of the textbook. I'll put together another blog when then site is ready so that you can see it.

The copy is close to 11,000 words, which is about 10,000 words more than the typical website. Why? Is it because I like to type? Not really. There are two reasons...

Search--if there's more copy, there's more for the search robots to find and this helps search results significantly.

Results--when someone wants their bad smile turned into a radiant smile, they want a lot of information. Salient copy, and tons of it, is more likely to keep potential patients on the site and more likely to get them to the next step in the sales process.

Think about it...if you're going to get cosmetic surgery, will you go with a dentist who offers a few paragraphs of information or a dentist who offers pages and pages plus special reports, testimonials, etc.? When you're talking to a dentist in person, you will choose a dentist who spends some time with you explaining everything over a dentist who mutters a few vague sentences packed with cliches.

Remember...the copy on your website MUST be a conversation between you and a prospective customer...a conversation that must end with the prospect buying what you have to offer, or at least moving rapidly toward signing a contract.

You cannot give someone who wants their teeth fixed enough information--especially when it comes to their smile and the subject of pain (physical and otherwise).

I turned the copy around quickly--in three days. The website designer was particularly grateful because he now has copy and can get the site up and running in a few days. I like making people smile--especially a cosmetic dentist in Charlotte like Dr. Christian Yaste who understands and appreciates the power of direct response copy.

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