So you're getting great SEO what?

When did search engine optimization become the rage? Ten years ago? What have we learned about search?

It's work

It's unpredictable at times

It's not a science but it's not art, either

It's important--perhaps more important than ever

It's destroyed print and Yellow Pages

It can be very expensive

It's highly measurable but still controversial

It's a weird animal. If you're not getting great SEO results there are lots of things you can do to improve your ranking without spending a ton of money...I'll go through these in a later blog. This blog is dedicated to the people who are getting excellent results.

Here's what I hear...over and over.

"We're getting great search results but nobody stays on the site." And if they're not staying, they're not buying.

It's like spending a lot to get someone to a store but once the customer is in the store, there's nothing there. So the customer leaves. And is annoyed and frustrated. And never comes back.

I'm starting to hear from a number of SEO people who understand this problem...they didn't before. They thought, "OK I got great results for my client so that's it." Google results were great but MONEY and REVENUE rates were poor. So...they're asking me to write copy for the website that gets people to stay and buy.

So, if you're getting great search results, well done. Now let's make some money by writing response driven copy.


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