Copywriter almost spills coffee...or (the) beans

Periodically I like to spend an afternoon writing in the coffee shop. Today, it was crowded and I was sitting next to a couple of guys around my age (24.5). know how it overhear the conversation...they were producing a web page for a seminar and were writing the copy. Some of the conversation...

"Let's give it some punch."

"Cute but not too cute."

"Let's make it just like the names of the softball teams when I was in law school."

"I want to make it appealing."

"It has to jump out at people."

As a direct response copywriter, I was tempted to join the conversation. I might have earned a cup of coffee. I would have said, "use the type of headline that's worked before."

Better still, they should have hired a professional copywriter.

The clinical execution of direct response copywriting techniques is what they needed.

They were running a seminar for lawyers. I imagine the seminar cost around $500. Let's say they hired a copywriter for the landing page and it helped them get two more people to attend...great copywriting is ALWAYS a great investment.

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