Why a copywriter is a must

I've been working with new client...a pure direct response marketing agency. They are great...more about them in a later blog. Something they said in a training video...EVERY WEBSITE PAGE MUST SELL WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER.

It seems obvious but few web sites do this...

Ask a marketing executive or business owner this question..."do you believe every page of your web site should sell what you offer?" I think the answer would be, "DUH...yes!"

But very few companies hire a writer to write pure sales copy (direct response copywriting) for any of their pages. These companies are losing money as I write.

When you want your website to sell what you have to offer, hire a direct response copywriter, who will...

  • Keep potential clients and customers on your site

  • Make them take the next step in the sales process

  • Explain the benefits of your product or service

  • Answer the most important question the customer is asking, 'what's in it for me?'

  • Help you sell more...

The investment is always a good one when you hire a direct response copywriter...


I'm rebuilding my site to help me sell more. In the interim, here's my Krop portfolio.

I specialize in the clinical and creative execution of proven direct response copywriting techniques to make the reader pull out their credit card, write a check, hand over hard-earned cash, and happily provide their email address and additional valuable data.