Direct Response Copywriter on Spam and Other Meaty Issues

When you're marketing by email, the subject line is extremely important. Here's a subject line for a recent, and totally unsolicited, email I received. 

This email is a DIRECT response to a resume that you posted on Career Builder, THIS IS NOT SPAM!

It IS spam and it's amateur to write 'it's not spam' when it's pure 100% spam. And I know all about spam: I live in North Carolina, the home of spam.

Proven direct response headlines work well as subject lines...with one caveat: subject lines have to be shorter.

But "How to" and "Five ways" and "WARNING:..." headlines work well. Subject lines that introduce stories are effective--as are topical subject lines. Many spam filters kick out emails with subject lines that include a question.

If you want to destroy trust with the reader, include the sentence: THIS IS NOT SPAM!


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