Direct Response Copywriter on Landing Page Conversion

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the last few months reading about landing page conversion—or conversion rate optimization (CRO) as it’s also known.

A chunk of my work is rewriting the copy for landing pages and the results are usually ‘triple digit’ good. One of the easiest, fastest, and least expensive ways to improve landing page conversion is to rewrite the copy.

It’s pretty simple:


  1. Hire a direct response copywriter.
  2. Let them do their thing.
  3. Follow some graphical direct response techniques (black type on a white background.
  4. Test the new page.


You’ll soon ditch the ‘old’ version of the landing page.

There’s actually not a huge amount written about landing pages. But I purchased a book the other day about the subject. I won’t reveal the title but the author has a degree in a computer related field.

I’ve been dipping into the book looking for the copywriting bits and while there’s very little about copywriting per se, big chunks of the book are about offers, testing, addressing an audience, getting people to take the next step, etc. This, my brothers and sisters, is DIRECT RESPONSE COPYWRITING.

You can approach the whole Internet thing from two angles.

  1. The technical.
  2. The marketing.

The book I just bought is insanely technical.

I’m sorry…BUT…for companies, the Internet is a marketing and sales tool. The successful companies see it thus THEN start to organize the technology. The key is using proven direct response techniques and using the technology as the platform.

The book I just bought obsesses over the platform. When you obsess over direct response copywriting and direct marketing you'll get better results.


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