Landing Page Copywriter Critiques Superb Landing Page

I receive Craig Huey’s email newsletter. Craig runs Creative Direct Marketing Group, a direct response agency near Los Angeles. It’s an awesome agency and I’ve done some work for them. I’D LIKE SOME MORE, PLEASE!

In the newsletter, Craig mentions a landing page his group put together to support a TV campaign.

Here’s the landing page. It’s for a product that helps young children get a head start on their reading.

In my next few blogs, I’m going to annotate the pages to illustrate what’s so superb about this landing page. Everyone can learn from its brilliance—even if you’re not selling this type of product.

Click on the thumbnail below for the full size image with comments. 



A few things to notice.

  1. Yes--there's a lot going on here but the graphic designer has kept the page clean and readable.
  2. The image shows that you get a TON of stuff.
  3. The pricing is superb...either get a trial for $14.95 or spend $199.95. Hmmmmmm. Which one will EVERYONE choose? Notice...there's no option NOT to buy.
  4. You can order directly from the page. One less click. NICE.
  5. Excellent social proof at the bottom of the page.
  6. The video does not overwhelm the space above the fold.
  7. A lot of landing pages include video above the fold and I think that's good BUT it should not dominate this vital space.

In tomorrow's blog, we'll scroll down a bit. The page gets better.


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