Copywriter Motivators--What Makes People Pay Attention? Part 3...GREED

Save money or make money. Make more. Save more. Earn more.

I recently received some feedback from a fellow direct response copywriter who was critiquing some of my work. At one point, his note was...TELL THEM ABOUT THE MOOLAH, BABY! It's all about THE MOOLAH!

Even with the motivator in the last blog, FEAR, fear of losing money or retiring without any is a big motivator. Tapping into the greed motivator is easy but it's most effective when the numbers are specific.

Readers may be greedy but they're not stupid. I quite often see claims that are too good to be true. The reader will ignore these claims UNLESS there's proof. Actual numbers from stock performance can work. Testimonials. Still...numbers that make sense, make sense. Readers click away from numbers that seem outlandish.

Greed can be a good way to position a solution to a problem. For example, you're not making enough with your to my newsletter and I will make your stock advisor look like a dolt.

I think massive and constant discounting is a sign the company hasn't got its USP and value proposition in order. The beauty of greed, from my standpoint, is that greedy people will pay a good price for a product or service that will help them satiate their greed. Greed begets greed.


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