Copywriter Motivators--What Makes People Pay Attention? Part 6...Solutions

All the motivators I've written about in this series are related to solving a problem...including exclusivity, which solves the perceived problem of being just like everyone else.

Writing down the problem the product solves is my first step when I write copy. If a product or sales page tries to solve too many problems at once, it's going to fail. I wrote a landing page that's getting a 25.2% opt in rate for a special report. The report and the page target a very specific psychographic and the report offers a solution to a very specific problem...makes writing copy easy.

Andrew Wood writes in one of his books that people buy for emotional reasons backed by logic. He's right and that's closely related to buying to solve a problem.

I strive to get people emotional about their problem...then provide a solution that's logical. And that takes me back to the first motivator in this series, FEAR...

It's the last in my series about copy motivators and I hope you found it useful. Next series: getting passion and fun into copy and content.


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