Copywriter finds key to successful marketing/sales

I've worked in copywriting, niche publishing, content, communications (whatever that is!), and the like for more years that I care to admit (22). And I suppose that makes me a bit of a nomad or, even worse, the dreaded "multi-dabbling freelancer."

So this time last year I finally chose to stop dabbling and start specializing. Niche print publishing is OVER and so that was easy. I never really enjoyed the business anyway. I had been writing direct response copy for several years and always enjoyed it so I simply chose to specialize in the "buy now" and "your satisfaction is..." even though it's more complicated that a few "reliable" phrases. I know other writers and certainly the branding copywriters look down their nose at the direct response copywriter but I don't really care. I love writing pedal-to-the-metal direct response copy. Three reasons.

  1. It's measurable. No place to hide. You get the results or you don't. My brothers and sisters in the world of branding copywriting flee from this type of accountability. It's not about "image" it's about RESPONSE.
  2. It helps businesses succeed--and that's hugely excited.
  3. I enjoy the challenge of discovering what's going to persuade the reader to take the next step in the sales process.

Because I'm a freelancer, I'm constantly marketing. And if you're a freelancer and you're NOT marketing, give up freelancing.

I've discovered that passion is the most powerful sales weapon. Yet you'll rarely read about passion in sales and marketing books. My passion for direct response copywriting comes through when I speak with prospects and it separates me from other copywriters.

So I'm always striving to create passion when I write copy and convey the client's passion to their potential customers. As I reorganize my website, my #1 goal is to convey my passion in all my content (blogs, copy, podcasts, video, etc.)

Yes--people buy because I provide a solution to a problem, specifically low conversion. But people also buy for emotional reasons backed by logic.

"This guy is seriously into direct response copywriting and the enthusiasm is infectious; but he also gets results."

Here's some content from people I know who are seriously passionate.



Get some passion into your marketing and get routinely superb results.


I'm a direct response copywriter based in Charlotte, NC. My current website is here. My clients measure results. They keep hiring me.