Direct response copywriter stresses speed

I'm close to making a major financial decision and there are two banks in the running for the business. I have a couple of accounts with one of the candidates, which I will call MegaBank. I have every other account with the other bank, which I will call ABank.

So it's MegaBank vs. ABank.

I contacted both last week on a Thursday afternoon. MegaBank had me approved and ready to go within an hour while ABank asked me to complete a complex form that would have required at least an hour of work.

When I shopped the offer (as you do) the guy at ABank was nonplussed and told me MegaBank was clueless.

In the interim, the guy from MegaBank provided me with a couple of options and told me the forms would be in the mail instantly--and they arrived on Saturday in a professionally presented folder.

So, while ABank, to which I've sent a TON of business, faffs around, MegaBank is moving forward, making my life easy and being FAST.

This has been a tremendous reminder. Speed is a strategy as Andrew Wood says. Speed impresses and can get you past price objections.

It's impressive that a company like MegaBank, which is massive, can move so quickly. The elephant can dance...and sprint.


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