Are you direct response?

I met with a local business owner about a month ago. I know the business well and I was there to talk about some direct marketing and direct response copywriting. During that initial meeting, the owner was all about branding and image advertising in local publications. He had never heard of Dan Kennedy and direct marketing. So I gave him a brief introduction and handed him a couple of books.

Now, just a month later, we're about to start a direct marketing campaign PLUS we're going to measure everything through the POS system. He read the books and voraciously digested the information.

Sadly, this type of fast conversion from branding maven to direct response devotee is rare: people think that Dan Kennedy is nuts and that direct marketing is obnoxious and will destroy the brand. And the LAST thing a branding agency wants you to do is measure and track.

So I'm really looking forward to working with the local business...the owner gets it. And he's going to get some superb results using proven direct response techniques.


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