Copywriter Looks at Beautiful Website...and Weeps

What's the point of investing in a new website?

This might seem like an obvious question...along the lines of 'why put gas in your car?' But very few companies know how to answer the question, 'what's the point of investing in a new website?'

Just this afternoon, I received an email (unsolicited) from a company trumpeting the launch of their new website.

Take a look here.

It's beautiful and expensive (I'm certain) and the photos are professional.

BUT...what's the point of the website?

  • To look great?
  • To enhance the brand?
  • To get great search results?

The site is for a chain of marinas. A marina makes money by renting slips and providing boat services. A marina needs leads; it needs a database of prospects; it needs repair business...and all the marketing 'juice' it can get to generate revenue from its core business.

Yet this gloriously produced website lacks:

  • A call to action. (DUH!)
  • Any way to opt in to a database.
  • An offer (DOUBLE DUH!)

If you feel so moved, check the site against my direct response checklist.

Does this company want a pretty website or does it want leads and revenue?

I don't design and develop websites, but, as a direct response copywriter, I write copy for websites. There's only one goal of every word of my direct response copywriting: persuade readers to take the next step in the sales process. So I get a bit upset when a company spends a small fortune on a new website yet completely misses the point...or boat...

A couple of additional notes:

  • Big Flash presence (distracting).
  • Cliché copy with no meat or CTA (shoddy).
  • I don't blame the website company but I question the marketing knowledge of the decision maker at the marina company.


Apologies for getting ornery and weepy, even. In future posts, I'll focus on websites that 'get it.' Send me examples.


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