Copywriter Critiques Audi Super Bowl Ad

For the first time in a long time, I watched the Super Bowl from start to finish. At a Super Bowl party, no less.

As someone who works in advertising, I was curious to see the ads. There was only one that asked for action: Go Daddy.

So the commercials weren't exactly a clinic in direct marketing.

One ad, for Audi, made a huge mistake.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love an Audi. I’ve been a VW driver forever and so I’ve always longed to step up to an Audi S4.

Back to the ad. A guy driving an Audi shows up at a vampire party. His headlights are so bright that all the vampires die.

Here’s the ad.

The message is: buy an Audi because it’s got great headlights.

How many people buy a car for the headlights?

Based on my (unscientific) research, people buy cars for: 

  • Engine power
  • Comfort
  • The warranty
  • The low monthly payment
  • Specific need (off road, big family, etc.)
  • Brand loyalty
  • The stereo
  • Gadgets
  • The color 

But do people buy a car for the headlights?

One of my jobs as a direct response copywriter is to work out what’s really important to the reader. If I was writing copy for a car and I presented a draft to the client that emphasized the headlights, I think I would be fired. And with good reason.


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