This Girl Scout Should Be a Direct Response Copywriter

It’s Girl Scout Cookie sales season here in the United States and it’s pretty much impossible to go anywhere without a group of hyper happy girl scouts selling cookies. They have a lot of fun and gleefully stand outside in pretty much any weather to raise funds.

I was walking by my local hardware store today and some girl scouts were selling cookies. I have to admit that the copy on the sign below made me stop, congratulate the young lady on her copywriting skills, then dig into my wallet for the requisite cash.

The copy made me buy some cookies.

That, my brothers and sisters in direct marketing, is CONVERSION.

My good friend Andrew Wood, one of the top direct marketers I know, always reminds me to ‘sell happiness.’ These Girl Scouts got that message.

I believe that good grammar is important to the direct response copywriter. Andrew Wood disagrees, saying the message is more important than precise syntactical execution. Andrew was right on this one.

Congratulations to the Girl Scouts for some excellent direct response copywriting.

And for the record, I purchased a box of Thin Mints although I was almost swayed by the peanut butter cookies.


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