Direct Response Copywriter Provides Tips from Top Copywriters: Clayton Makepeace.

The importance of perception.

What’s the difference between a salesman who struggles and one who makes the sale every time? Does the client perceive the sale as fair or unfair? A successful salesman has clients who believe they are working with a professional who cares about the product and backs the sale. Clients can sense a salesman who has a vested interest in repeat business and ensures client satisfaction.

Clayton Makepeace is a resourceful salesman: he gives the impression on his website he cares about his clients by investing in his own time in helping his clients. The relationship starts with ‘freebies’ and ‘bonuses.’ He begins his relationship with his clients (and colleagues) by sharing and giving.

The Makepeace website is organized, accessible, and even academic:

1)    Archives. You can search his website for information and track how the business has changed.

2)    A Direct Response Glossary: Almost every term and explaining countless words associated with copywriting.

3)    Interviews with Six Top Copywriters: We learn what Makepeace feels is important to conduct a successful copywriting business.

4)    A Recommended Reading List. Resources to help answer many of the questions writers and clients have about the copywriting industry, advertising, marketing, and sales.

5)    Recommended Links: To help your writing and your business.

6)    Testimonials and Reader Responses: Learn from the work others have done and see what they are saying about Makepeace!

Makepeace helps his clients educate themselves and ‘do their homework’ using the tools he provides. Overloading your site with complicated flashing messages and images or weighing it down with thick, textbook like passages that a reader will never read is counterproductive. Harsh fonts and colors make the viewer anxious and look unprofessional. A website that’s a valuable resource means better business. The goal: make your website so approachable and well-stocked with useful information that people instantly bookmark it!



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