Word of the Night from Your Direct Response Copywriter: CYBERTRAMP


A great word and one I have to admit, shamlessly, that I created.

I have no shame because, for a while, I was, myself, a cybertramp.

The typical cybertramp habitat is the coffee shop. The coffee shop must have free wifi. Must. In the coffee shop, armed with nothing more than a 'vintage' laptop with a falterning hard drive, the cybertramp will buy a cup of coffee, take advantage of the free refills, and sit for hours in the same space, sucking up bandwidth and electricity, buzzed on a potentially lethal dose of caffeine.

These days, you'll also find cybertramps in fast food establishments, restaurants, donut shops, and bars. Pretty much anywhere with a wifi connection.

Many cybertramps have manners and will not clog up space when their chosen habitat is busy. But some cybertramps are rude and will take up several tables--even when the location is heaving with people looking for a place to sit. Some cybertramps smell but don't care.

Some cybertramps have full-time jobs and simply don't like to work at home. Fair enough. But most cybertramps are under-employed (at best). Some cybertramps are direct response copywriters and SEO copywriters who get paid to stuff blogs and articles with keywords like: direct response copywriter and SEO copywriter.

Occasionally, a cybertramp, to everyone's surprise, will get a full-time job where they have to show up at an office. This means they no longer need to be a cybertramp.

From time to time, the ex-cybertramp will visit their old 'office' and make fun of the people who are still cybertramps and still spending hours applying online for jobs for which they are not qualified.

Strangely, perhaps, many coffee shop managers are incredibly tolerant of cybertamps.

Where have you spotted cybertramps? Do they annoy you? Do you even care?


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