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Some random thoughts about direct response copywriting during this holiday season.

I was out in Los Angeles visiting a client. I stayed one night near Culver City. I spent the next night in Newport Beach -- one of my favorite spots. Whenever possible, I like to stay in family-owned hotels. They're tough to find and no, I don't count Hilton as a family-owned hotel.

Genuine locally-owned hotels and inns ooze charm plus they can be less expensive than chains. These hotels have personality.

In Colorado, I love The Mountain Chalet Aspen. In Newport Beach, I discovered the Bay Shores Peninsula Inn just a few blocks from the beach on the Balboa Peninsula. It's a little old school plus it's not going to win any awards for architecture but it provides a lesson for all direct response marketers.

I received a friendly greeting when I arrived. The guy at the desk made me feel genuinely welcome. After my visit, I received a thank you email. And then -- get this -- I received a thank you card.

Guess where this direct response copywriter is staying the next time he visits Newport Beach?


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I attended a couple of big marketing/copywriting conferences this fall. And they are still in my mind. The first was Titans of Direct Response in Stamford, Connecticut. The event was a tribute to Marty Edelston who told his copywriters: "tell the truth." That's the best advice for every copywriter. I don't lie or make stuff up when I write direct response copy. I research and provide facts tide to benefits.

At the AWAI Bootcamp in October in Delray Beach (worth a visit) I especially enjoyed hearing from Brian Kurtz of Boardroom who told us about what it takes to write for big marketers. Enthusiasm and desire were two traits. I love being a direct response copywriter. In the past few weeks, I've been taking notice of people who are enthusiastic about their work -- even if the work is somewhat menial. Enthusiasm makes all the difference in sales.



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