Direct Response Copywriter on How NOT to Find Clients Part 3

How NOT to Find Clients. Part 3.

A Series of Essays for Copywriters and Fellow Creative Professionals.


NOTE: You're reading a series of blogs about how to find clients ... and how NOT to find them. This series will be extremely controversial. Read the blogs and you’ll discover my experiences with finding clients … what works and what’s a waste of time. The goal is to help you find “elite” level clients with deep pockets who are looking for top-quality creative talent.


Method #3. Inbound Marketing … AKA Your Website

This may be confusing but hang with me for a minute.

With inbound marketing, you optimize your website for the search engines and you get leads.

This works for me and it's been my #1 source of business for the last 3-4 years. Right now, my website ranks #1 for several search engine terms like "direct response copywriter."

Trust me, I'm not complaining. Several great clients have come my way. But I also get a number of poor leads.

"Boo hoo," you say ... and with good reason. I'm sure, if you're a direct response copywriter, you'd like to have this ranking.

Here's the downside. At some stage, someone is going to take my spot and I'll be on page 2 where nobody will see me. This could happen tomorrow due to some Google algorithm change. Or it could happen in a few days or weeks.

I can't rely on this #1 ranking forever. I'm not in charge of this situation. And I fully admit I know little or next to nothing about SEO.

So I need to gain complete control of my marketing. That's why I created a database of 2,000 potential clients.

Armed with this database of direct response copywriting clients, I don't have to rely on being found. I go after the clients I want. That's what direct marketing is all about: going after the clients and customers you want.

Inbound marketing is NOT a pure form of direct response marketing.

To find the "elite" clients, you have to be more aggressive.

If you want access to my database of potential clients, click here.


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