Direct Response Copywriter on How Not to Find Clients. Part 6.

How NOT to Find Clients. Part 6.

A Series of Essays for Copywriters and Fellow Creative Professionals.


NOTE: You're reading a series of essays about how to find clients ... and how NOT to find them. This series will be extremely controversial. Read the blogs and you’ll discover my experiences with finding direct response copywriting clients … what works and what’s a waste of time. The goal is to help you find “elite” level clients with deep pockets who are looking for top-quality creative talent.


Method #6. Websites Making Big-Time Promises

There are sites out there like Elance that match people who need copwyriting with direct response copywriters. Elance is the 900 pound gorilla in the space and I have to imagine it’s highly profitable. There are other big-time sites that essentially do the same thing.

As a result, imitators have appeared. They want you to list yourself … for a fee … with the promise that potential clients will definitely find you.

Some sites are somewhat rudimentary while others are quite technically complex … and well designed. It’s possible you might find a client or two but it’s unlikely. The reason? These sites rarely have any traffic because the site owner doesn’t want to buy traffic. Typically.

I’ve listed myself on some of these sites. I’ve even paid a fee. I hate to say it but many sites are simply trying to scam a monthly fee out of you before you realize it’s all a waste of time.

With these sites, you’re basically HOPING to find the right clients. Marketing is NOT about hoping. Marketing is about being aggressive and taking what you want.

If you're serious about becoming a serious direct response copywriter then you have to go out and find the clients you want.

To find these clients, you need a database ... and you can find it here.


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