Direct Response Copywriter on What It's All About. Part 1.

Marketing – especially direct marketing – is hard. It’s not for the weak and it’s not for people who want to win prizes and look good.

Every serious direct marketer – and direct response copywriter – has looked really really bad; they have suffered epic failures. And because we direct marketers and direct marketing writers are accountable down to the last penny, we always know what’s working and what’s not. Those who live in the branding and “image” world are never accountable … or at least not like us.

Perhaps this leads to the somewhat obvious question. Why bother with direct response marketing if failure is part of the equation? The answer depends on how you look at direct response.

I’ve had sales pages convert at 5% … which is really, really high. But that also means a 95% failure rate.

So with such a high failure rate – if you look at direct marketing that way – you might ask the obvious question, “why bother?”

In this series of blogs, I’m going to write about the power of direct response marketing and the real reasons it’s so vitally important.

You lot in the branding world won’t enjoy this series of blogs … especially if you like the lack of accountability in your world and view direct response marketing as somewhat crass.

However, after reading this series, you’ll understand direct response marketing with much more clarity.

Something that happened recently motivated me to write this series. And in the next blog, I’ll detail exactly what transpired and why it pushed me to write.


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