An interesting and powerful page on Google's site (part 1)

I found this interesting page deep in the bowels of Google's website. It's a short but powerful article about content. This week, I'm going to write five blogs about this article.

Let's take a look at the first paragraph.

"Often, businesses put a lot of effort into website graphics but not enough into the website text. Informative text is reassuring to visitors and it gives search engines something to crawl."


  • Yes--a website should look professional. But information is more important than looks.
  • The above is a pretty strong anti-Flash statement.
  • The more you educate website visitors, the better your conversion.
  • Search engines have NO interest in how your website looks. However, search engines are EXTREMELY interested in content and copy--it 'gives the search engines something to crawl' so give them a ton of content to find.
  • Don't you love the word 'reassuring' used in tandem with content?

The biggest lesson...CONTENT IS KING!

Tomorrow, I'll go through the educational part of a website.


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