Direct Response Copywriter on "Voice" Part 2

In the last blog, I wrote that capturing the voice in direct response copy is largely irrelevant. In fact, it’s totally irrelevant.

Remember … as a direct response copywriter, my job is to motivate readers/viewers/listeners to take the next step in the sales process. This task revolves around benefits, the offer, clarity, headlines, and answering the question the potential buyer is asking: “what’s in it for me?” The potential buyer DOES NOT care about your voice. They care about their favorite person, which is … drum roll … themselves.

Last year, an advertising agency contacted me with an emergency project. I’m always happy to help. I had to rewrite a video script.

The account executive was especially clear about the voice. “It’s really important you capture the voice here.”

I said what I always say, “I’m not very good at capturing the voice but I’m really good at motivating the potential buyer to take the next step in the sale process.”

The account executive gave me the green light for the project anyway. They were happy with the new script, and, in fact, the agency's client said to the account executive: “you did a great job capturing the voice.”

I simply wrote direct response copy how I usually write copy. But I always like kudos!

Now … I can “turn up the volume” a bit and turn it down depending on the product or service but that’s not capturing the “voice.” You can see my guide to direct response volume here.

I can write “shamwow” copy that’s loud or I can write quieter copy that’s significantly toned down … say for a current client who owns retirement communities. But that’s not voice … that’s VOLUME.

If you’re a company and you run the marketing and you have a service or product you want to sell and you’re looking for a direct response copywriter, focus on the results the copywriter has achieved. And totally ignore voice and don’t ask the copywriter to try to “capture the voice.”

Do you want to capture the voice or do you want to sell your products/services? Do you want kudos and awards for your advertising or do you want money in your bank account?


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