Copywriter on Content. Part 4. The Case Study.

The case study is one of the most underutilized tactics in the battle for new business. It's extremely rare to see case studies on websites yet the case study provides proof that everything you say on your website is true. I have testimonials on my site and the next step: case studies.

A case study is a hybrid: part journalism, part copywriting. If you're going to write case studies, or hire a copywriter to organize them for you, start with the problems/desires your clients express. In most B2B settings, case studies are relatively straightforward.

  1. State the problem.
  2. Show how you solved the problem.
  3. Detail the end result.

In some B2C settings, the case study is a little trickier. You have to disguise it as people enjoying themselves. For example--golfers having a wonderful time on a superb golf course. Here's where your blog comes in. If you're a golf course, you can't really have a case studies page or section. However, in your blog you can write about a group from out of town that enjoyed the golf course. If you provide an outings section, you can have case studies. If you hold weddings, you can have a 'Bridal Album' that shows photos of wonderful weddings held at your club.

A case study can be a straight description of the 'case' or it can be an interview with a satisfied client. You can also use audio and video.

If you think about it, an infomercial or a short direct response TV commercial is a type of case study. You see the problem, then the product provides the solution.

Sometimes, a client will not want to be named and that's understandable. In lieu, you can say, 'we worked with an accounting firm to increase their business.'

Case studies require some effort and time but they provide the absolute best way to provide proof that your services and products work.

Specificity is also important. "We helped this client increase revenue by 45% in 96 days" is a lot better than "We helped this company do better with their marketing."

If you've seen some case studies you think are especially brilliant leave a link in the comment box.


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