Direct Response Copywriter Word of the Night: PUNTER


No...not the person on a football team who kicks the ball on 4th down.

Punter is a word used extensively in the British Isles. It's an elastic word.

It can mean customer.

"This direct response copywriter had better get the punters to buy our stuff. He says he knows what he's doing. We'll find out soon enough."

It can mean gambler.

"Look at the all the punters here at the racetrack today."

Punters 'punt' when they gamble.

"She took a big punt on that horse in the 3:15 at Haymarket. Maybe I should do the same."

It can also mean a person. Sort of a loose translation of 'guy' in America.

"Do you know that punter? I think his name is Rupert."

"I know the punter. Yes."

Punter also has a somewhat scatalogical meaning I won't discuss in a family blog like this.


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