Direct Response Copywriter on the Big Mistake

Yes – I write all day everyday to help my clients sell their products and services. That’s my job as a direct response copywriter.

But I also buy stuff. Not much stuff because I like to avoid the “over-accumulation” of items but I’m willing to make a big purchase when I think it’s warranted.

I recently made one such purchase … a car cover.

The process started with a Google search. I also went to some online forums for opinions. I wanted a quality product that would protect my car primarily from the sun but also the winter elements. I park my car outside most of the time and it sits in the hot sun. I was willing to spend a little bit more for a quality cover.

How I made my decision says a lot about the power of direct response copy.

A car detailing shop recommended a certain type of cover which cost $450. My next choice was $150.

I might have spent the $450 but the sales page for this cover was sparse at best plus the copy was hard to read and there was no proof. In short, the $450 company needed a direct response copywriter to help them sell more car covers. A long-form sales page might have pushed me to buy the Weathertech product. After all, they had a great head start: a recommendation from a car detailer.

The page for the $150 cover wasn’t much better but … they had a TON of testimonials: a key proof element. The copy wasn’t that great but at least it was clear and the company has a guarantee plus some additional benefits like free shipping.

I could have spent under $100 for a car cover so the company with the $150 still needs a lot of copy. There’s a huge opportunity here for the car cover company that invests a little in some direct response copywriting.


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