Direct Response Copywriter on Finding Great Clients

I’m not a big social media person. Occasionally, I see a Facebook or LinkedIn group with hundreds, even thousands, of copywriters.

A quick Google search reveals there are 45,000 advertising agencies in the United States alone. If each one has one copywriter, on average, that’s 45,000 copywriters.

At a conference, a well-known direct response copywriter once told an audience of copywriters: “there’s an ocean of work out there … and you’re a thimble.”

While there are tens of thousands of copywriters, there’s a lot of work out there … especially with the explosion in digital advertising. There's a huge need for regular copy and content.

However, if you’re a solo copywriter … which we all are ultimately … it’s a mistake to focus on numbers of copywriters and how many agencies there may be.

The focus must be on finding the RIGHT clients.

I can help you find those deep-pocketed clients who will treat you with respect.

I’m pleased to announce the official launch of COPYWRITER CLIENT DATABASE. It’s a handcrafted database of over 2,000 carefully-selected potential clients.

With access to this database, you can find your perfect clients.

Click here to discover more about COPYWRITER CLIENT DATABASE.

It’s a must for every copywriter. In fact, a fellow copywriter found the sales page before it was officially live and acquired access to the database right away. Before the official launch, five copywriters purchased access.

What’s the biggest benefit? It will help you develop your own personal database of direct response copywriting clients ... without spending the approximately 700 hours I spent working on the initial database.

Again … here’s the page.

In studying how great marketers get clients, I discovered one common thread: they all built a databse of ideal clients then started to pound away at the database.

But you have to have the database first.


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