Direct Response Copywriter on The Golf Crisis

By Scott Martin, Direct Response Copywriter and Golf Copywriter:

It's no great secret...the golf industry in the United States is slowly going backwards. Optimists say it's flat. Either way, it's not good. Dick's Sporting Goods just laid off 400 PGA Golf Pros. Other golf retailers are reporting poor results. Golf courses are closing or entering bankruptcy.

And yesterday, there was an article in The Wall Street Journal about a generation gap in golf. Turns out that "Millenials" aren't playing golf. That's even worse news for the game because young upwardly mobile people are not playing golf. So the reservoir of new golfers is drying up.

However, I'm currently writing direct response copy for a company in the golf space and we're selling TONS of stuff...DVDs...clubs...gadgets...and more.

This proves two points.

  1. People are still buying golf products ... and lots of them.
  2. Direct response marketing is the way to sell golf products.

This company hires me because I'm a direct response copywriter. They could hire a "branding" copywriter but they wouldn't sell as much.

I have another client who specializes in golf course marketing. He is always selling products and services and makes an awesome living. He tells his clients to embrace direct response marketing and his clients, when they listen, flourish.

Golf companies, large and small, advertise. But 98% of the advertising is branding -- based on the principles of image and placement and positioning and things that cannot be measured. Yet companies using direct marketing principles are rocking, even in this "flat" golf market.

So if golf companies are serious about moving forward, and not backwards, they need to embrace direct response principles. In fact, the entire golf community needs to embrace these principles. When this fundamental shift in golf marketing takes place, golf will start to grow once again.

And that's the fearless prediction of a direct response copywriter who has helped one tiny golf company generate well over $5 million in revenue in the last 24 months.


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