Direct Response Copywriter on the Guarantee

A few days ago, I went on a brief vacation to a famous destination. I needed a break from direct response copywriting -- even though I worked on several projects while I was away. That's life as a direct response copywriter: I work around the client's schedule, not mine.

But I digress.

During my time away, I took a lesson. The resort is built around a certain type of activity and I want to be really good at the activity. I won't go into details but the lesson was a disaster. Nice instructor and good group but I learned nothing.

I'm usually the last person to complain about anything although I have used the guarantee for some over-hyped information products.

The day after my lesson, I told a friend who works for the resort about my experience and she told me to speak to the head instructor. In fact, my friend marched me to head instructor's office. My satisfaction WAS guaranteed and they gave me a free lesson.

The "comp" lesson was superb. The guarantee worked.

Maybe some readers ignore guarantees. I'm not one of them. I pay extremely close attention to the guarantee ... especially when I'm buying an expensive product.

As a direct response copywriter, I spend some extra time writing the guarantee and making sure it's totally clear. A great guarantee can get a potential buyer off the fence.

In fact, some of my copy starts with the guarantee as the "big idea" for the promotion. Something like ... buy this product and if you're not totally happy then we'll refund your money and give you extra money.

Companies like L.L. Bean take unhappiness and use it as a selling/happiness opportunity. Every company can learn from this example.

Some people will try to rip you off. That's life. If you spot someone like this, then stop sending them promotions. You don't have to deal with cheats.

However, the top companies take a guarantee extremely seriously and use it to increase revenue and profit. It's one weapon in the arsenal.


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