Direct Response Copywriter on My New Book

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my latest book: 103 Ways to Earn Money as a Professional Writer.

You can order it here.

Here's the cover.

Thanks to Christy Goldfeder for helping with editing and set up.

Being a direct response copywriter is ONE of the options, not surprisingly.

The book is for you if you're:

  • Simply curious about the writing business
  • Serious about switching careers
  • A college student or recent graduate looking for a cool career path
  • Looking for a useful side income
  • A writer looking for a different niche

Here's the full description from Amazon's site. Click here to order.


If you’ve EVER thought about getting paid to write, pay close attention.

Companies and individuals will pay you real money to write anything from blogs to TV shows and from advertising copy to science fiction novels.

Some writers earn a useful side income from just a few hours a week of simple writing. Others quietly take home over $1 million a year. There’s a HUGE demand for writers.

Author and direct response copywriter Scott Martin reveals 103 categories where writers can enjoy significant income. And Martin reveals how to get on the road to earning over $50,000 a year as a professional writer in 90 days … even if you have NO experience.

You will also discover:

12 super-hot categories where companies are DESPERATE for writers.
How to choose the right niche.
Declining areas of the writing world.
The one key to getting started.
What NEVER to do if you’re serious about making writing your career.
8 surprising facts about fiction writing.
The secret category where writers earn a “two comma” income.
How to write for the music world.
Links to 89 writing organizations for additional information.


This book is for total beginners or writers who want to switch into a different niche.

Maybe you’re a college student looking into career options. Maybe you want some useful part-time income. Maybe you’re looking for a career change. Whatever your goals, you will discover vital introductory information about the world of professional writing.

Martin provides:


A description of 103 writing categories

What you can expect to earn

The work involved

How to break in

Street smart advice

Where to find additional information about the category


After reading this book, you can make an educated decision about the next steps in your writing career.

The first chapter of Martin’s book details a category where total newcomers can expect to earn well over $50,000 a year. The demand in this will continue to explode in the next 10 years.

But Martin also reveals “stealth” categories where writers are not called writers … but write all day.

Here’s the beauty of becoming a professional writer: you can earn money from your passion. If you’re crazy about poker, you can write about poker. Or if your passion is quilting, you can write books, blogs, articles, and other content … and earn money writing about your hobby.

With the world’s demand for information increasing, NOW is the time to become a professional writer. The Internet currently serves up 14 BILLION pages. These pages must have words written by writers.

It gets even better …

Professional writing provides flexibility. You can work at home, giving you a full-time job without the commute. Or you can freelance for companies around the world while you sit in a coffee shop sipping espresso drinks. Or you can start a career with a major corporation … with all the benefits and perks.

And professional writing can help you reach your financial goals. Martin describes 39 categories with the potential for annual income well over $100,000 … and 17 with the potential for annual income over $1 million.

That’s right … very quietly, writers around the world are earning more than lawyers, doctors, and high-level executives. However, certain categories provide routinely low pay and Martin helps you avoid these areas.

And if you’re not convinced of the ever-growing need for writers, take a look at this site. That’s right … right here on Amazon, you’ll find authors earning tens of thousands. And companies pay writers for book and product descriptions. Writing for retail websites is just ONE category with a whopping demand.

So the opportunities for writers are stronger than ever … get this book now to discover more about these opportunities. Before you know it, you’ll be earning money as a professional writer. Click the “buy now” button or give the book as a gift. Or add it to your wish list.

And welcome to the world of professional writing.

Order here.


And for what it's worth (not much) it's my 16th book. You can see the full list here.


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