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April 2017

From the desk of Scott Martin, direct response copywriter, Aspen, Colorado.

Other Really Bad Ways to Find Clients

In the last email, I wrote about my general disdain for the commodity sites where writers bid on projects. In this email, I'm going to write about some other ways to find clients … and why I generally don’t like these ways.

Let’s look at some of these other methods. Every day, I get an email with links to writing jobs. To be frank, I have no idea who sends this to me. It might be some type of Google robot. The sender doesn’t matter. Most of the links are to Craigslist ads.

You’ll find, and I’m not making this up, people who want a full-on landing page for $75. I once replied to an ad with the question, “what sort of quality do you expect for $75?” I did not receive a reply. You will also find jobs and gigs posted on social media. Enter "direct response copywriter" on Twitter and you'll be surprised to find some gigs. Again … the vast majority of these clients are poor prospects.

What about the major job sites like Monster? You’ll find a lot of full-time jobs and these may be good options if you’re looking for this type of opportunity. You’ll have to move somewhere. But part of the joy of freelancing is living exactly where you want to live. Right? But, to be fair, a full-time copywriting job will give you a ton of excellent experience.

You’ll find some potential opportunities on marketing forums. One of them is the well-known Warrior Forum which is a general meeting place for Internet marketers. Some copywriters post on Warrior regularly. I had a really horrible client contact me through Warrior.

Maybe I should spend more time on Warrior and similar sites. But if you genuinely want to spend some time in the modern equivalent of The Wild Wild West, then go to Warrior right now.

There’s an easier and better way to find clients: select the ones you want and consistently contact them.

Scott Martin Direct Response Copywriter