Good News for Copywriters ... And Bad News ... From a Direct Response Copywriter. Email archive February 2017 1.

Some Bad News for Copywriters … and Some Good News …

It’s important for copywriters to understand what’s happening in the world of copywriting. So here’s what I currently see in the “copywriting market.”

There are more people who call themselves “copywriters” than ever. This number increases every day.

The number of copywriters who can actually write copy that makes money for a client is extremely small and is not really increasing. I will reveal the exact reason in a minute.

The need for copy increases almost exponentially every day. As one famous copywriter once said to a group of copywriters … “there’s an ocean of work out there and you’re a thimble.”

Thousands of people who need copy, most of them with ‘kitchen table’ IM businesses, think of copywriting as a commodity and head to the ‘commodity’ sites like Upwork to find the lowest possible price, only to discover they have received poor work. You get what you pay for.

Many of the “old guard” of so-called “A-List” copywriters don’t write copy. This means it’s easier for experienced copywriters to find great work. These copywriters mainly train other copywriters.

The need for copywriters, especially direct response copywriters, will increase as more and more companies go direct to consumer … and test.

The biggest money for copywriters? It’s in health, financial, and consumer products ... maybe information marketing as well.

It’s important to be “cross-platform” which is silly jargon for being able to write for display ads, sales pages, advertorials, emails, etc ... the whole she-bang.

Overall, it’s a great time to be a copywriter … as always ... provided you go after the clients you want.

Scott Martin Direct Response Copywriter