This ad was not a snore

The merchants of direct response are increasingly active in the local newspaper. There was a great DR ad in the sports section today with the headline...

Are You Snoring Yourself to Death?

Of course, it looked just like a regular article. There was a photo of a woman next to a man who must have been snoring; the woman had her pillow around her ears. There was a ton of copy--written just like a newspaper article. I can't show you the ad but I went to the website for the product (out of sheer DR curiosity, of course) and, the site is all DR. It's a thing of beauty.

Actually, it's not that great looking a site but the ad and the site have everything.



Lots of copy

Call to action

Clear benefits

A solution to a problem

A clear USP


Two different ways to order

And so on...

So, from my DR perspective, their marketing is not a snore at all and I'm sure they are selling a lot of a product that looks like it costs about $2 to make but sells for $89.97 (plus shipping and handling).

My guess is that an "A" list copywriter wrote all this.