How I learned a lot about direct lunch

Yesterday, I attended, for the first time, a Charlotte Direct Marketing Association meeting. It was a lunch and the group put together a superstar panel: senior direct marketers from Wells Fargo, Lowe's, and Bank of America. There was a gentleman from Cleveland who is right at the cutting edge of data collection and distribution plus John Hill, executive creative director, advertising agency with a great track record in direct response.

Going to the lunch reminded me of the importance of networking as part of a marketing strategy for a direct response copywriter...or anyone.

Over the next few days, I'm going to write about the lunch and my thoughts about the sagacity from the panel. Much of what I heard buttressed what I know about direct response. Here's the first thing...

John Hill talked about a direct response package he put together for a bank. It had a simple A vs. B option/ can get this interest rate with these terms or this interest rate with these terms...or something along those lines. Everyone was really happy with the response and it's such a simple strategy.

As I told the people who attended my direct response marketing boot camp in the Ballantyne area, ALWAYS offer two options. You're going to buy or you're going to buy.

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