More sagacity from the CDMA meeting I mentioned in my last blog, I went to the June Charlotte Direct Marketing Association meeting. There was an excellent guest panel with some top direct marketing people. Each one admitted to having made one of the biggest marketing I've made and one everyone has made.

We all have ideas we think are superb and even life-changing. Or superb AND life-changing. Suddenly, we discover, sometimes after having spent time and money on the idea, we're pretty much the only one who thinks the idea is brilliant...others might like the idea or the product but won't pay for it.

The panelists admitted to having made this mistake...which was big of them. Very few people are willing to admit marketing mistakes. These professionals have the benefit of data and a response baseline. So the raw numbers tell them if the idea was a profitable one.

What can we learn as direct marketing people? What can I learn as direct response copywriter? Right now, my unique selling proposition (USP) is speed. I think it's important and I have clients who think it's important...these are people who "buy" direct response copywriting. However, the "speed" idea isn't generating enough response, I'll make a change. I'm about to re-write the copy for my direct response website and I'm keeping my USP but I will make a change if necessary.

It's not what's important to's CERTAINLY NOT what's important to the's all about what's REALLY REALLY important to the person who will buy your product.