Copywriter gets 100 per cent response

At a recent marketing boot camp, I asked a member of the "audience" what a good response rate is. She said 40 per cent. A great response to a direct mail letter is one per cent.

I'm pleased to say a recent email campaign I wrote got a 100 per cent response. was just one email but it got the response I wanted.

A former intern asked me to write an email to a person at a TV station; the former intern wanted an interview with a news director. Instead of the standard "please may I be so humble as to recommend..." I thought about what the person at the TV station would be looking for and wrote a direct response letter with 17 reasons my former intern should get an interview. The intern got the interview and the internship.

100 per cent response!

The key was getting into the boots of the news director and thinking about what he/she would want from an intern.

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