Charlotte Copywriter lands on Mars...finds lost Elvis record and a secret potion that restores hair in 10 seconds!

What's going on here?

We can all laugh about headlines...but...headlines like the one above help to sell millions of copies of tabloids not just in the United States but around the world.

Headline writers at newspapers like The Sun based in London and, yes, the National Enquirer, are among the best writers in the world (and on Mars). They have to be...their headlines have to be so good that people buy the newspaper from the newsstand. There's no hiding behind awards given by other "fluff" copywriters here...the headline sells papers or it doesn't.

I've been working on my direct response copywriting headlines. Why? It all starts with the headline. There's no need to reinvent the wheel...simply use one of the many proven headline techniques. That's 95 per cent of the work; the hard part is applying enough creativity so the prospect keeps reading. Here's a great headline from my friend Andrew Wood's Thunderbolt Marketing manual. The headline is for a golf product. Which headline is more likely to get the reader to read more?

Buy this'll hit it longer. It's AMAZING!


70 year old man amazes younger players as he consistently hits the ball over 300 yards. His secret? The new XYZ club. prizes for guessing the correct answer. Andrew wrote the second one.

As a direct response copywriter, it's my responsibility to write revenue generating headlines...even on Mars. Writing a revenue generating headline is a great challenge...and a lot of fun.

When I'm in doubt, I gravitate to one of two techniques...the question headline (Do you want to be a lot thinner?) or the story headline...the more I can emulate a newspaper article, the most cases. An ad for a life insurance product might read...LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES SET TO RAISE RATES NEXT MONTH...WILL MAKE IT HARDER TO GET COVERAGE...

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Now that I've got your attention with this silly photo, the headline had better get you to read more. Tabloid headline writers use tested do direct response copywriters.