The first step for the successful copywriter

A lot of copywriting is technique...especially direct response copywriting. However, the first step, and perhaps the most important step, is getting into the shoes of the person I want to motivate. As Andrew Wood says, people buy for emotional reasons backed by logic. So I have to get to the prospect's emotional core and then discover how they logically process information that will lead to a sale. It's a fascinating part of the "work" that's never really work to me.

People also buy to solve problems...again, I have to learn about their problem(s).

To get into the shoes of the prospective purchaser, I use a series of techniques. It starts with my "pre-copywriting checklist." When you want to see this, go to my direct response copywriting contact page.

For my direct response copywriting site, go here. For my direct response copywriter video, go here.